Aventurine "Trick or TREAT" raffle !!!

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Aventurine "Trick or TREAT" raffle !!! Empty Aventurine "Trick or TREAT" raffle !!!

Post  Nattee on Mon Sep 08, 2008 11:17 pm

Aventurine "Trick or TREAT" raffle !!! Raffle10

This flag is the best, that goes without question. To help make it better, if that is even possible, we need to keep funds for various stuffs; upkeep of a fleet, ability to pay jobbers in blockades, defend and attack islands if needed, and even help allies do these things. There are also more immediate-fun things, like events and even fund-raising itself. Cool

So the Aventurine Crew has integrated a fundraising raffle into their upcoming Trick-or-Treating Extravaganza (more on this to come!!). Very Happy

Tickets go on sale NOW, for the mere price of 1k a piece. ALL profit goes to flag!! Very Happy

Results will be revealed on the upcoming Trick-or-Treating Extravaganza (more on this to come!!).

A winning raffle ticket earns a trick-or-treat choice that results in one of tons of prizes including:
Treats- Sloop, Trinkets, Swords, Pets, Furniture...
Tricks- Rags, Sticks, Bandanas...

And don't worry, there will be at least as many "treats" as "tricks". Wink

Tell everyone you know to buy tickets as the more tickets sold, the MORE PRIZES.
We start with 20 prizes and will add TWO prizes to the list for every twenty tickets sold in addition to the first 200.
This means a single ticket will have at WORST a 1 in 10 chance of winning Surprised

Everyone and their Pets can buy the tickets as long as they pay! This means, the buyers need not be in flag, they can be anyone who has poes Wink

To purchase tickets send multiples of 1000 poe to either Chains or Shackles Cool

(Ex: /pay chains -or- /pay shackles 1000, 5000, 69000, etc.).
( NOTE: These payments will be rounded down to nearest 1000 and not summed in anyway. The chat logs will be used for record of payments so the sender is the ticket holder ))

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